Ronald Nelepovitz
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ronald Nelepovitz who was born in New York on October 30, 1961 and passed away on February 13, 2007 at the age of 45. We will remember him forever, and ever... 

The paragraph above was not written by me.  It doesn't adequately explain what he meant to our family.  The fact that he was taken away so suddenly ... not only adds to our pain - but also leaves a void, that I am unable to adequately explain.  It's just been rather "silent" without him.

When Ron loved - he did it with ALL of his heart.  Thankfully I was able to enjoy that benefit.  He has three sons (Austin, Jared and Ryan), who are his blood-relative sons, but he also had two sons (Kyle and Aaron) who he looked upon as if they were his own.  He loved all of his kids & family.  He might have had a bit of "old-school" German type guy in him... but we all have a ton of love and respect for him.

Ron is the most un-selfish man I've ever met and he can never be replaced.  He seems to be watching out for all of us over the last months.  He is living on in all of our hearts.  Something he probably wouldn't admit to, but I think we all know he's there, after talking to all of his brothers, sisters and especially his mother.  He loves you all.  It's pretty reassuring that he's still with us, in whatever form possible... from coins, to dollars and visits when he's most needed.

From what I remember him saying .. he pretty much felt like a black-sheep for many years and he totally understood why - to turning his life around and becoming one really amazing man... 

I know that he ignored the individual gripes and family disagreements and finally tried to connect with all of you.  Afterall.. you are all family and life is too short to bicker about the small stuff.  He even decided to let up on my short-comings after a while.

Life is too short and too precious to sweat the small stuff.  I'm not perfect, Ron wasn't perfect and nobody else is either.  The love is real though.  

I'm not going to sit here and say I've had conversations with him since he passed, but as I sit here and remember things he's said over the years - love and family really mattered to him.  Hope it still does with all of you.  I love you all.  We are all connected to this great man, whether by blood or just plain old love.  Him and I taught each other a lot about imperfections and how to pick our battles.  Hope it carrys on to your lives.  I think that is how he would like things to be?

He's the best thing that ever happened to me and our kids.  He really made the effort to change and overall - did pretty darned well good.

We all miss him.  We all need to take care of us and ours and try to make sure that Mom doesn't haven't to grieve about another lost child... so let's do our best to be our best and stay around to keep loving and enjoying each other.

I love Ron's entire family for good, bad and indifference - but mostly good.  You guys are awesome and I'm lucky to have you all.  Let's do Ron proud and stick together, k?

I'm babbling, but it happens to be one of those nights where I can't sleep and I am missing him - ever-so-badly.  I apologize for the run-on...
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Tributes and Condolences
A poem about depression.   / Ryan (Youngest Son )
As rain flows my tears grow. Because of that i have no heart. My heart is in a life support so very ill. My vocabulary grows on and on but when it grows the rain keeps flowing and then my tears grow. Tears drop from the carpet. It stains it very ...  Continue >>
A lifetime away   / Mary (Wife & mother to his children )
A Lifetime Away The leaves have fallen from the trees And summer days are gone. Lingering twilight in the chilling breeze And the end of the robin's song. All of my life I searched for you Not knowing it until that day When you appeared out of the bl...  Continue >>
Pain, Pain... Go Away   / Mary (Fiance)
Pain, Pain…Go Away
by Linda Davis
Here it comes again…
I can only escape it for a while.
How am I to go on without him here beside me?
Pain, pain…Go away. Come again another day.
When I am...  Continue >>
He is Gone   / Susan (Sister)
You can shed tears that he is gone, Or you can smile because he lived, You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left. Your heart can be empty because you can't see him Or you can be fu...  Continue >>
Valentines Day-Thank You   / Susan (sister)
Thank You for Valentines Day that will be a day Brian,Kathy&I will never forget, i know that was you inside that gentlemen telling us to enjoy life its to sh...  Continue >>
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His legacy
His Legacy...  
Ron overcame a lot of "bones in his closet" that we were all well aware of to become a really great man, father and "husband".

We all know what he went through and put his loved ones through.  Even though it was before "my" time, he fully disclosed everything to me.

He always aspired to do more and did it.  He put himself last and his family first for the last 12 years.

He wants all of his kids, mine included... to not make the same mistakes that he made.  He just wants for them to be happy in the path they choose ... to do well at it and to stay out of trouble.  Sounds pretty basic - right?

But that's really all we can hope for our children right?

His legacy is that he cared with his heart, his love and a bit of a ornery attitude.  I think we all respected and took notice to that.

He showed us an impeccable worth ethic and a love that was that we felt even if he was miles away.

Not to single out Kyle or anything, but I think that Ron's death affected him severely.  Life changing type of thing.   I can only speak to that because he's the most vocal about it.    Both Kyle & Austin plan to have tatoos dedicated to their father and both of them have picked the most tasteful and respectful designs I've ever seen.

I so want to honor him, I just don't know how to do it - as I've never been in this situation before.

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What a gorgeous baby... and I'm so happy to have this photo back. It means a lot
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