Ronald Nelepovitz
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His legacy
His Legacy...  
Ron overcame a lot of "bones in his closet" that we were all well aware of to become a really great man, father and "husband".

We all know what he went through and put his loved ones through.  Even though it was before "my" time, he fully disclosed everything to me.

He always aspired to do more and did it.  He put himself last and his family first for the last 12 years.

He wants all of his kids, mine included... to not make the same mistakes that he made.  He just wants for them to be happy in the path they choose ... to do well at it and to stay out of trouble.  Sounds pretty basic - right?

But that's really all we can hope for our children right?

His legacy is that he cared with his heart, his love and a bit of a ornery attitude.  I think we all respected and took notice to that.

He showed us an impeccable worth ethic and a love that was that we felt even if he was miles away.

Not to single out Kyle or anything, but I think that Ron's death affected him severely.  Life changing type of thing.   I can only speak to that because he's the most vocal about it.    Both Kyle & Austin plan to have tatoos dedicated to their father and both of them have picked the most tasteful and respectful designs I've ever seen.

I so want to honor him, I just don't know how to do it - as I've never been in this situation before.

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